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Abandon the Search for Truth... Settle for a Good Fantasy

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Weapons of Legacy : A Magic Series Supplement (D&D)
The ultimate guide to magic items-especially weapons-of rich heritage. Weapons of Legacy™ provides a wealth of information on magical weapons with rich histories. The book includes many pre-defined weapons, outlining their names, history, powers, stats, necessary rituals for unlocking their powers, and adventure hooks. How the weapons can gain power is discussed, as well as the feats with which they might be used. Also included are discussions of other magic items such as magic armor, rings, and staves. More Info...

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  • Dalines: Sheet Generator — An online Character Sheet Generator. You can add as many Characters as you want, you can add the Sheets to your own Character websites and it comes in different themes. Gold Cool
    http://sheetgen.dalines.net :: Updated 9-Mar-2006
    15979 hits :: 10 Votes :: 4.95492 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • RPG Sheets — Huge archive of custom and official character sheets for your download pleasure! Gold Cool
    http://rpgsheets.com/ :: Updated 10-Mar-2001
    42841 hits :: 10 Votes :: 1.43890 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link


  • CharacterSheet — Online RPG character sheets for AD&D, D&D (Mentzer/Moldvay), Labyrinth Lord, and Basic Fantasy RPG. Sheets have a dice roller with history attached to your character for use in your play-by-post or play-by-email game. All this in a unique and custom built application.
    http://www.charactersheet.net :: Updated 3-Apr-2010
    832 hits :: 1 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • D20 Sheets — For Offical and Non-Offical Character Sheets for all of your favorite RPG's
    http://www.d20sheets.com :: Updated 28-Jan-2009
    1136 hits :: 1 Votes :: 4.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • GAMESMASTERS — an open and interactive site by roleplayers for roleplayers with download and uploads ALL FREE. made with the intention to let gamers interchange campaigns and characters without spending money. you can also advertise your site and join forums or chat rooms. your site, your choice, your roleplay.
    http://www.freewebs.com/gamesmasters/ :: Updated 6-Feb-2009
    610 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Gamesmasters.org — upload,download. find groups, or free music to listen to. play games or online roleplay forums. your site. your choice ALL FREE.
    http://www.gamesmasters.org :: Updated 22-Nov-2009
    420 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Hero Lab — Hero Lab is the ultimate RPG character tool. With its easy-to-use, intuitive interface atop a powerful database engine, all pertinent character information is clearly presented in plain view and automatically adjusts as you make changes. Experiment with all the options. Evolve the character toward long term goals. Track your campaign. Print out your character, or save to PDF. Hero Lab supports d20, World of Darkness, Mutants & Masterminds, and many more game systems.
    http://wolflair.com/ :: Updated 11-Nov-2008
    1180 hits :: 1 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • HeroForge Character Generation Toolkit — The Heroforge Project is a community group effort by individuals freely donating their time and resources to see the development of the HeroForge Character Generation Toolkit program created by Christopher Mathieu and Shannon Greene continue. The files are in Microsoft Excel format and require Microsoft Excel 2000 or later.
    http://www.nzcomputers.net/heroforge/ :: Updated 29-Jan-2007
    4219 hits :: 1 Votes :: 5.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Pathfinder Character Generator — The unofficial Flash-based character generator for Paizo Publishing's d20 Pathfinder Role Playing Game. Quick and simple to fill out, the one-sheet generator lets you create characters in a matter of minutes.
    http://www.trovetokens.com/pathfinder.html :: Updated 14-Sep-2010
    449 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • Roleplayer's Realm — . I will try to cover most RPG's out there, with seperate pages for each, as well as chat rooms, news rooms, and other things
    http://members.tripod.com/~Net_Realm/ :: Updated 8-Mar-1999
    1673 hits :: 0 Votes :: 0 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • The Cargo Hold — The mission of the Cargo Hold is a simple one: To be the holding space for the various files that I collect for the SERENITY RPG by MWP.
    http://home.comcast.net/%7Ewavesintheblack/wavescargohold.htm :: Updated 20-Jan-2006
    1333 hits :: 2 Votes :: 3.00000 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link
  • The Only Sheet for D&D3.5 — Based on the System Reference Document, The Only Sheet for D&D3.5 is a powerful yet simple Microsoft Excel Workbook (Windows) which supports Epic characters and Monsters. It is also very customizable and boosts a community Forum with 600+ users. There are simply too many features to list here. This IS the Only Sheet worth your time! Cool
    http://TheOnlySheet.com :: Updated 27-Jun-2006
    18632 hits :: 10 Votes :: 3.42906 :: Remote :: Rate It :: Report Dead Link

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