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Your site WILL fester in purgatory UNLESS You READ and FOLLOW all INSTRUCTIONS:

  1. Your site MUST be an RPG-focused site, not just have something marginally related on it.
  2. Sites with vulgar or adult content will not be accepted. Keep it PG13.
  3. Affiliate sites with no other (original) content will be rejected outright. At least review it on your site when you link to Amazon.
  4. Game Boards must have at least three active threads or a significant quantity of background material to be considered.
  5. Game Boards MUST be visible to guests; no exceptions and don't email us a 'guest' password. You don't have to let guests post, just let them look.
  6. Sites that use dangerous popups, any type of popunders, malware or scumware such as Xupiter, Comet Cursor, Gator, etc. are not allowed.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS, please visit our DISCUSSION BOARDS. We have a team of editors working to review sites, so the board is the only way to get a proper answer from the proper person.

Titles: Enter an interesting and informative title for your site. Forbidden: a string of keywords; odd characters such as ., ~, ^, etc; all caps; one word titles such as 'Pokemon'.


URLs: Enter your site's address as succinctly as possible and double-check. Nothing annoys like typos in your URL. Please use the Search function to see if your site is already in the Gateway. If you need to change your listing, please use the Modify function.


Categories: Please take some time to surf around the Gateway and determine the most appropriate categories for your site. If you are posting in the Internet_Play area, please take the time to learn the difference between Fantasy, High Fantasy, Gothic, Horror, etc. Almost NO sites will be allowed in Fantasy any longer. Editors CAN and WILL move your site if they feel the category is inappropriate

2nd Category:

Description: Write a good description for your site that includes any relevant keywords. For example, if you have reviews, make sure "review" is part of your description. Forbidden: a string of keywords; incomplete or incoherent sentences; "the Coolest site on the Net, the ONLY place to find X," or any other such schlock; all caps; two-word descriptions. If you can't describe it, we don't want it.


Official Sites: If you're Wizards of the Coast, Flying Buffalo, White Wolf, Apophis Consortium or Steve Jackson Games, select yes (and Welcome!). If you've been approved/stamped by one of the majors as an official site, select yes. Otherwise, leave it at No. This designation is intended to help folks find gaming companies. If you don't fit the bill, don't try.


Contact Information: A correct email address is required with each entry. If the automatic validation of your link bounces, your link will be removed. We use this email address to track strange and inappropriate entries into the Gateway as well as to inform you about changes in services and features. Your contact info does NOT appear on our pages and your email address will not be given to any third party.

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