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Site Map for RPG Gateway by Effie Rover

  • Great Wyrm (Home Page) — Over 4,500 tested and rated RPG web sites. Featuring categories such as "Internet Play" and "Fantasy Artwork," you may search rpg sites by keyword. Links are guaranteed to be online, since all links are checked monthly.

    • What's New — a list of the latest rpg related web sites. Check often to see what's new in online rpgs and online rpg tools.

    • What's Cool — a list of most often visited rpg sites in our links list. Sorted by category, these are the most popular rpg web sites on the Internet.

    • Die Roller's Top 50 — the Top 50 rpg web sites, determined by visitor votes ... sites are sorted by ranking first, then roughly by popularity. Check out the best of the best in online rpg information according to your votes.

    • Gold Wyrm Picks — our Editor's Picks in the best online RPG sites. In every category, from Internet Play to Dungeons and Dragons to Created Worlds, here are the best sites according to our critics.

  • Council of Elders — Talk about a game, rule, monster or spell with fellow RPGers. Featuring "Where can I find?" "My Last Breath" and "Campaign Diaries," this community area allows you to rate RPG products and exchange ideas.

    • Where Is ... ? — Can't find that rule, quote or long-lost piece of rpg lore? Ask here. Gamers helping gamers find rpg stuff they need.

    • Campaign Diaries — Need a place to host your campaign notes? Want to share your adventure exploits? Do it here ... post your notes, logs, diaries and campaign (mis)adventures online for the world (and your players) to see.

    • Whaddya Want? — where we take your input seriously. Make suggestions, ask questions, what do you want on rpggateway? Answered almost daily by Effie herself.

  • Official TSR Product List — The official online list of RPG products produced by TSR, Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro. Currently available for download in Microsoft Word format only.

  • RPG Advertising — Advertise to an exclusive RPG players-only market. Target your online ad dollar effectively to this spread-out demographic group.

  • About This Site — The history of Effie Rover, Inc and RPG Gateway ... our never-ending quest to provide free online services for role playing gamers and the gaming community.

  • Privacy Policy — How we protect your privacy online by collecting only needed membership information and then hiding that info from harvesting bots.

  • Contact Effie — Email Effie Rover, the individual responsible for updating and maintaining this list of RPG links and RPG community message boards.

  • Link To Us — Instructions and HTML code to link to RPG Gateway from your own gaming-oriented web site.

About This Site

Founded in 1995 as a searchable D&D index, Effie Rover's site has grown by user request and merger with RPG Gateway into a series of searchable databases. Currently, our showpiece is RPG Gateway -- over 4,500 RPG links. These high-quality, tested and rated links keep visitors returning to find rpg information again and again. Marketers can use this devoted audience to build or maintain brand awareness, promote new products and services, generate inquiries and drive traffic to their sites.

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